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Merton Makes A Quiet Impact in Ireland…

Merton Makes A Quiet Impact in Ireland….


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Is Contemplation Boring?

‘So contemplative silence really is boring—at least, if we do it right. It bores down beneath all the psychic defenses we normally employ to distract ourselves from the presence of God in our lives. Because, well, if we can distract ourselves from God’s presence, we can persist in the illusion that we are actually in control of our lives, are managing our conflicts just fine, and are fully justified in the ways we judge, reject, and try to defeat others’.

So claims Carl McColman, a Lay Cistercian, blogger (www.anamchara.com) and the author of ‘The Big Book of Christian Mysticism’.

You can read his entire article here: Is Contemplation Boring?.

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Centering Prayer: An Introduction

With roots in the contemplative tradition of the Desert Fathers, books like ‘The Cloud of Unknowing‘ and the writings of Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross and Thomas Merton, centering prayer has a distinguished pedigree.

You may find this short introduction to ‘Centering Prayer’ by its founder, Fr. Thomas Keating, useful:


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